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puppy nap

puppy nap, originally uploaded by ouiparapluie.

pure content <3

Violet finds the light

Violet finds the light, originally uploaded by ouiparapluie.

i love my puppy.


3/365, originally uploaded by ouiparapluie.

went for a evening bike ride down to the ocean...the air was really cold. next time bring a jacket...and don't pack so much camera gear into the bicycle basket.

almost autumn guys, seriously.

apartment lust

i wish Amelie's house was my house. *le sigh*

connect four <3

foto treasures

whilst digging through my box of random camera stuff, i found a roll of fujichrome provia 400x 120 slide film and a roll of b&w 120 negative film....it's like striking gold! i know what i'm doing this weekend...getting reacquainted with my holga 120CFN that i haven't picked up in awhile...that's what happens when you get a 35mm one.

i had a shit day so Marcus is taking me out for sushi <3

also, Ruby is looking lonely and she looks so purdy with that basket on her....i think bike rides are happening later.

through the looking glass

call me cliche but i cannot wait to see this film.
i <3 Burton.

bat for lashes <3

i have a mad crush on Natasha Khan.

nouvelle jolie bicyclette

                          meet ruby tuesday

self portraiture

self portraiture, originally uploaded by ouiparapluie.

this is me to a tee lately.